How to personalize your offer to clients ?

Use costumer experience

Become client of your client

The process might take time but you will know how to impress your client. If your client is a company than try to become the company’s client to experience the product or the service to find what kind of problem they are facing with. When you will give your offer to the client you will know how exactly you can stand out from other competitors. It is not a bad idea to take photos and think how you can improve client product or service.

Your clients client feedback

The company that you are planning to give an offer to might already had feedbacks. Use their feedback to personalize your offer. You can ask users about your clients product. Or look out comments given by clients on the website.

Search your client

It is important not only to look company’s history but also work on peoples’ history who are working in the company. You should also read press release where you might find interviews. This will give you an overview of the organization within the company.

Competitors interaction

Your competitors are not your enemies. You can have discussions with them and improve your experience.


Your business proposal must stand on clients’ success and not to your proposal. The more you interact your experience with the company’s problem and give them solutions, the more confident clients will be to consider your offer. The offer should move around client interest not only on your service.

Tayyeb Aqeel




Writings in business, political and environmental

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Tayyeb Aqeel

Tayyeb Aqeel

Writings in business, political and environmental

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