How to handle your business with simple matrice…

Always try to work with at least two references and less than four to try to make simple matrice.

Cost and time : This is a basic rule of business, but it might get tricky to handle. In a company employees cost much more than the product itself. You should think of reorganizing workers management. How?

Look and think, you don’t need to spend time watching what they are doing, just spend time working with them and you will know right away if the time they are spending is productive or not.

Explain, it might be a common sens for you of what is import and what is not, your employees don’t necessary have the same priorities in work. Not only reminding them about what is critical for a company is essentiel, but always give them an extra task by eliminating those which are time consuming.

Quality and Cost : Another classical one, but if you have to choose between quality and cost, choose quality. Think about long term objectives, this can only be accomplished if you spend more time on the quality of the product. Actually cost changes all the time, but quality can only be improved. Usually entrepreneur thinks about ratio of buying and selling, but the reality is that you can make your own ratio if you work on the quality.

Innovation and Time : I love creativity but new means more time. Usually doing gives more results than thinking in Business. When you invent something spending time in thinking is much wiser than doing. Thinking does not cost much, if you want to act than experiment it. Experimenting fast might lead to losing your money.

Marketing and Selling : Here you have to spend more time in doing, no choice. Marketing is all about communication, and the more time you spend on marketing the more you sell. Be focused, don’t just change your target customers just because you are not getting expected sell. Look at your competitor and there will be one or two things which you don’t know. The language, the use of strategy and a small innovation. You can easily get it by speaking to the your clients.

Try to make your own matrices in Business, you are different from others, so why should your strategy have to be the same?




Writings in business, political and environmental

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Tayyeb Aqeel

Tayyeb Aqeel

Writings in business, political and environmental

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