How to change the school system?

We can always get out from the traditional school system

Flexible schedule

A student can only feel comfortable when they can decide when to start their day. The more liberty in planning a student can get, the more productive he or she will become. In some Northern European countries, students decide when they want to start their day and when to finish according to subjects offered in school.

Encourage labour work

Most of us had science and literature subjects in school. The only time students have time to move is when they do sports. Physical activities can help mature student mind and help them to be creative. Imagine a gardening or do it yourself subject, it can transform education in the form of a workshop.

Class management

The teacher should not stick to the traditional class settings. Debate, theater and creative writing will make student more active.

Test them more often to give them time to improve

Most of our school system waits for the end of the year to give results. That means they only get to know their level at the end of the semester or at the end of the year. It leaves less space for them to progress. If you test them early, they will know their level earlier and teachers will have time to encourage them.

Teacher feedback is not only based on school marks or report card

The feedback from the teacher should be verbal and written rather than just giving marks with few comments. The teacher should be precise on the point student need to improve. Discussing education level should be an exchange based on a teacher-fellow relationship.

Adopte your class according to student

Each student is different from one another. A formal education syllabus does not suit to everyone. If a teacher can not change the education program, he can individually adopt student according to the level of each student. If students are more than ten, creating working groups might be the best solution.

Tayyeb Aqeel




Writings in business, political and environmental

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Tayyeb Aqeel

Tayyeb Aqeel

Writings in business, political and environmental

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