Easy way to start business…

In my life I worked towards creating business several times and made a prediction of company’s future financial wealth, the problem is there are too many methods and it is hard to know which one to choose. Here is some advice.

Idea : many people say that you should start with brainstorming, this is useful when you have no idea of what you want to do. Most of the time you already have an idea of what you want to do, try to write your idea in several different ways. You find that your idea is basic at the start then you try to add words to write down the particularity of your business that will stand out. There is a method used in translation and it is very effective in writing business idea too. You translate a text first time and you leave it for two days, when you come back in two days you find that your translation is not good enough. You improve it and you think that you did the best of what you can and when you come back again after two more days, you don’t like your translation again even if it was perfect last time. Use same process with your idea, write it down than come back again after some time and repeat as much as you can. The best thing with business idea unlike translation is that your experience of sharing with other people shines your thoughts too.

Prediction : If you are new and starting business for the first time, start thinking simple, make an easy. Draw two columns what you are going to buy and what you are going to sell. It will not take you more than 15 minutes and you will already know that you idea will work or not.When I was creating a business plan and I was trying to understand technical business terms to do my calculation. I was getting frustrated by coming up with a new result every time, we went to the bank and I explained the situation, he said stop. It is not that complicated. He write down expenses and sells. Of course, it is only the first step but it is someting easy to start with.

Competitor : This is one of the hardest part you think that you have a big idea and when you start searching there is whole market out there, there are not doing something similar than yours but still they are alot of them who are selling and trying to make their name. The easiest way is to find one best company which relates to your idea or a company working in the same field as yours. Working on one competitor is much more easier than searching the whole world of competitors. When you look at the best competitor in your field you make a big picture. Don’t stop there, but after looking at the best company it’s easier for you to have critical thinking on other competitors.

These three steps are the starting bricks of business, there is a whole remaining work to do. One of my mentor told me about creating business, all these preparation is good but the real world is outside, you will know the business when you meet people. The more you simplify the organizational process of your business the easier it will be. And if it takes time, it is not really a bad thing.




Writings in business, political and environmental

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Tayyeb Aqeel

Tayyeb Aqeel

Writings in business, political and environmental

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