This exhibition is special because it shows how our society has been lost and creations that reflect our imagination.

A man covers his ears from noise, he is dressed in a suit and does not really know what is happening, and his face is projected on a geometric form to…

Seeking sight

Share when time slows down

Ask when I will care to fall down

Be there and stop your sight

And he comes to tight blowdown

Spring will come…

How to make a successful commercial prospection ?

Contact clients

If it is necessary to have target client, it is not unusual to get out of the box and find another target client.

The main focus should be on knowing your client and their requirements. You will not only offer…

Some ideas about how to eat healthy food and go to the shopping.

Your global habits

The impact of how you eat food does not change only by buying more vegetables or fruits. It is an overall eating habit and shopping wisely and choose the best product that you want…

How can we stop shark finning trade?

Shark fins are used as a luxurious meal in Asian countries including China. They are dangerously disappearing just because of the trade of their fins.

  1. American and European countries are first in the line to export shark fins. European laws should be more…

Can we really slow down climate impact before 2050?

We are now in a time where thinking about dramatical climate changes is not a choice anymore.

One could think about changing daily habits will improve the climate situation slowly. That is only true in a small scale. …

Tayyeb Aqeel

Writings in business, political and environmental

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